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Argentina to feature Falklands on currency

On the Falklands anniversary, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner unveils new Argentine bank note which features the Falkland Islands on.

The new 50-peso bank note features the Falklands on to commemerate the 32nd anniversary of the 74 day Falklands war where around 650 Argentine servicemen were killed.

Upon unveiling the new banknote the President said the Falklands were 'Nato's military base' in the region with nuclear missiles that could reach anywhere in the world. 

Ms Kirchner has renewed calls for Britain to enter negociations over the islands.

PM David Cameron stands by that there will be 'no negociation' over the islands sovereignty.

Falklanders responded via '@falklands_utd' on twitter with their 'missiles' which were photos of penguins.

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Words by Robert Midgley (PR Manager)

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