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Jon Tonks & Rev. Lorna Lavarello-Smith speak at Atlantic event

On Friday the 16th of May Friends of the British Overseas Territories held an Altantic event in London which looked into all aspects of life in the Atlantic territories. With us was Rev.Lorna Lavarello-Smith, who was born and raised on Tristan da Cunha and photographer Jon Tonks who travelled through all the Atlantic islands taking photos and understanding the way of life for islanders.

Rev. Lorna gave us an understand on life and community spirit of Tristan da Cunha as well as the importance of being able to be educated on the island. She also gave us an insight in to the evacuation of Tristan da Cunha when the volcano erupted which meant the community had to be re-housed in the UK. Lorna also recalled when she worked on Tristan's radio station during the Falkland's invasion in 1982 when she received word of the invasion through the radio which caused panic in Tristan over the possible imminent invasion from the Argentine. 

Jon Tonks, who travelled between all the Atlantic islands took photos of all the weird and wonderful goings on from the stories of being arrested at Ascension airbase, searching for the last cow of Ascension to understanding the way of life in Ascension. Jon noted that he thought it was incredibly unfair how children growing up on Ascension cannot live there past the age of 18 unless contracted to stay. Jon also showed us life in St.Helena, Tristan da Cunha and the Falklands. 

We thank everyone for attending the evening and hope you found it as fascinating as we did, we hope to be hosting a Falklands event in the coming months, please stay tuned.

To view Jon's video from the BBC, please click here

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Words by Robert Midgley (PR Manager)

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