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Premier of Montserrat Reuben Meade attends Montserrat Christmas event

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On Wednesday 11th December 2013 FOTBOT hosted a packed out event with the Government of Montserrat London Office at the Army and Navy Club of Pall Mall, London. 

Our special guest and keynote speaker for the evening was the Premier of Montserrat, Reuben Meade, along with Janice Panton MBE, the Montserrat London Office Director. Other speakers included Andrew Rosindell MP and Managing Director of FOTBOT, Philip Smith. Also in attendance but not speaking was Mark Menzies MP, a former member of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, who has a special interest in the British Overseas Territories.

The night focused mainly on the current issues facing Montserrat, Montserrat's relationship with Britain and the challenges faced in Montserrat after the Soufriere Hills volcano eruption of July 1995. Premier Meade explained that by April 1996, increased pyroclastic activity had forced the evacuation of the capital Plymouth and most of the south of the island and expressed his determination to continue Montserrat's economic revival. Some Montserratian expatriates attending the event also shared their memories of the volcanic eruption and the impact it had on them and their families. Premier Meade expressed his thanks to all those who attended and congratulated FOTBOT on the work they have done so far and for their support of the territories.       


By James Parker, Research Analyst. To view for information about Montserrat click here

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