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FOTBOT holds inaugural fringe event at Conservative party conference by Brittany Morgan

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Premier of the British Virign Islands Dr Orlando Smith

This October Friends of the British Overseas Territories (FOTBOT) held a BBC Question Time style debate covering a variety of topics relating to the Territories at the annual Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Our Chief Executive Philip Smith chaired the panel alongside special guests Andrew Rosindell MP, Fabian Picardo the Chief Minister of Gibraltar and Rogers Edwards, a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Falklands.  

The first question from the audience from Tamara Benjamin, a student member of FOTBOT from the British Virgin Islands who asked the panel if they felt that the BOTs received enough support both financially and politically from Westminister.

The second question came from Andrew, who wanted to discuss how the upcoming EU referendum affected the BOTs and whether the territories be able to continue their relationship with the EU in the case of a British exit from the union.

Rory White-Andrews asked the last question, which asked the panel in what ways the territories contributed to Britain’s cultural and political image. The panel provided a fascinating insight into the views from the BOTs and how Gibraltar and the Falklands felt passionate about their strong sense of British identity. 

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In addition to the questions that we received from the audience we also had several questions asked via our twitter account that addressed controversial issues surrounding the tax affairs of the territories and how they contributed to government revenue.

Philip concluded the debate, overrunning by twenty minutes as a result of the huge engagement from the audience and our social media channels. We were pleased to have created a lively debate during which we had a chance to encourage guests to visit the Falklands and Gibraltar stands. Philip also highlighted the successful work of UKOTA under the current chairmanship of Sukey Cameron.

We thank all those who attended and encourage them to become more involved in the FOTBOT community. We extend our thanks to our esteemed panel members who provided valuable insight into some of the most pressing issues surrounding the BOTs.

Note: views expressed by guest speakers during this event do represent the view of FOTBOT.

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