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Stewart McPherson visits Akrotiri (SBA)

and shares stunning photos with us

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A message from Stewart

Here are some photos from my visit to Akrotiri, a UK Sovereign Base Area.


It really is an incredible place. Even though it is a relatively small territory, Akrotiri is a mosaic of different habitats, centred around a vast salt pond home to one of Europe’s largest populations of flamingos.


In addition to the amazing wildlife, I used Akrotiri as an example to showcase the importance of the UKOTs through time. For here, the importance is better illustrated that anywhere else. Akrotiri is littered with historical artefacts, from Greek temples to Roman amphitheatres. The cliff sides are home to 1000 arched graves, and amongst these are countless shards of Roman terracotta pottery. Just walking along within seconds I found a handful. I put the pottery back where I found it.


Akrotiri illustrates a very interesting point. The presence of the military, which has restricted civilian access and prevented development, has created one of the best reserves in the world, for both pristine habitats and wildlife, as well as untouched archaeology. It is such an amazing place as vast, totally pristine wildernesses and beaches occur with their wildlife absolutely in tact.



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