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Tristan da Cunha's UK Representative, 

Chris Bates attends Leeds event.

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On Friday the 28th of February 2014, Friends of the British Overseas Territories had the pleasure of welcoming Chris Bates, the UK Representative of Tristan Da Cunha to our event in Leeds.

In attendance was Keith Medeley MBE, FOTBOT trustee and sponsor from the Yorkshire Building Society who also gave words of support and guidance to FOTBOT.

Mr Bates spoke about life on Tristan Da Cunha, giving insight to how the government and economy is ran, alongside day to day life on the island, jobs, wildlife and environment of the island. 

Chris and Keith both congratulated Philip on the successful evening and the success of bringing together a mixture of guests that were able to share stories of Overseas Territorial interests with eachother.

Learn more about Tristan Da Cunha here...

Learn more about Tristan da Cunha

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