School Outreach

Welcome a FOTBOT Outreach to your school and have teaching come to life with our array of interactive quizzes, merchandise and educational friendly books on the unique biodiversity and wildlife of the sixteen British Overseas Territories.

  • Educational Slides clearly explaining what the BOTs are all about

  • An interactive quiz for your learners to test their knowledge

  • We can tailor talks to a range of national curriculum-based topics including geography, conservation, history and biodiversity

Whether it’s a treat for the learners or a more structured lesson we believe that we can deliver something really special that learners and teachers alike will be discussing for weeks. We can cater for students from Reception to University Level.

To make a booking or to receive a quote, contact our team at

Please note we will provide fully DBS cleared trainers should this be a requirement.

In January 2024, we were pleased to give a presentation to cadets from 176 Squadron Air Training Corps in Hove, Sussex